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PharMedica’s innovative Eluting Bandage Platform’s multiple characteristics make it a multi-purpose and multi-functional device. It is made of multiple dosage form layers suitable for a large spectrum of products.  

  • Two-direction functionality: Non-invasively Trans-membrane and Local therapies. The trans-membrane functionality enables needle-free trans-mucosal drug delivery, administering the medicine directly into the blood system while bypassing the digestive and hepatic systems. As such – addressing the Trans-membrane Drug Delivery market. The Local functionality enables the treatment of ailments in the intra-oral environment and as such- addressing the Oral-Care market. 
  • Slow & Fast release functionality: Double or more layers of Eluting Bandage for diverse timing of drug administration: The inner film layer is attached to the membrane providing fast release, followed by the outer film layers providing the slow and sustained release, each layer containing similar or different drugs, depending of the purpose of the medical treatment. 
  • Protecting functionality: The Eluting Bandage’s outer wall is liquid-proof and seals out intra-oral bacterial infection.
  • Combinational functionality: The Eluting Bandage may also consist of a combinational structure where the inner layers are responsible for the Trans-membrane delivery treatment, while the outer layers are responsible for the “Local” oral treatment, separated by the infection protective coat layer.

The areas in which the Eluting Bandage Platform’s capabilities apply are:

In the Oral-Care market:  Aphthous stomatitis treatment, Gum inflammation (Gingivitis) treatment, Post Surgery disinfecting and analgesic treatment, Fresh breath and Mouth dryness treatments – some of which can be combined.

The Trans-Membrane Drug Delivery markets: Insulin delivery - for treating Diabetes, Cannabinoids delivery – for chronic pain and other symptoms treated by medical Cannabis.


PharMedica’s Eluting Bandage Platform offers numerous advantages for both patient and caregiver:

ü Rapid onset with slow and sustained release

ü Bio-adhesion

ü Fully dissolvable

ü Improved efficiency and enhanced stability

ü Flexible, manageable and thin

ü Needle-free delivery

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