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Many potentially disruptive biomaterial innovations never reach the market because the companies capable of commercializing them are unwilling to take risks before the inventive idea has reached a fairly advanced stage of development. PharMedica provides the crucial missing link: Bringing new biomaterials out of the lab and developing them to commercialization.


Stage I: Fill Pipeline
Screen biomaterial candidates from academic and research institutions in Israel and around the world Perform due diligence to include testing in Pharmedica GLP-compliant lab facilities
Stage II: Preclinical Evaluation
Carry out in vivo and in vitro safety and efficacy testing over 1 year,  carry out bench-scale production, and develop initial regulatory and reimbursement strategy
Stage III: Phase I/II Clinicals
Carry out clinical (human) trials over 2 to 3 years, first; early-stage formulation and pilot-scale-production at outsourced GMP facilities
Stage IV: Go to Market
Develop strategic partnerships or form joint ventures with large life science companies to complete Phase III clinical trials, regulatory approvals, and marketing

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