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David Tavor, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Tavor has more than 18 years’ experience serving as General Manager and founder of companies in different areas: Pharmaceutical (Cure Medical; manufacturing and marketing of Intra-Venus solutions including for dialysis), Biotech (Minapro; cultivation and marketing of Micro Algae for Anti-aging; Anti-oxidants, Cosmetics and fish and shrimps industries), Clean-tech (Jet; treating industrial and cowsheds waste waters), Natural products (Hadas Natural Products; production and marketing of natural food additives and vitamins), and Medical Device (Fluorinex Active; manufacturing and marketing of Oral Care products for Anti-carries, Desensitizing, Teeth Fluoridation and Whitening).

Mr. Tavor has extensive experience in conducting negotiations abroad and preparing and implementing business plans. He is experienced in business development, sales and marketing, fundraising, senior management, patent registration and regulation, and managed companies “from idea to market”. Prior to that Mr. Tavor served as the representative of the United Israel Appeal in Melbourne, Australia for four years. Prior to that and for 23 years, Mr. Tavor served as a fighter pilot and a commander in the Israeli Air Force and retired with the rank of Colonel.

Mr. Tavor holds an MBA, and MA in Political Science and National Defense studies from Haifa University, Israel.

Yoram Rubin, Ph.D., CEO
Yoram Rubin, Ph.D., served as head of the NMR R&D unit at the TAMI Institute in Haifa and as research manager and lecturer in the department of cardio thoracic surgery of the Carmel Medical Center. In 1998, Dr. Rubin founded BioPreventive, a start-up company that developed non-invasive diagnostic tools, where he served as CEO, president and CTO. In 2003, Dr. Rubin founded and led MedicGuide, a CRO (contract research organization) for doing clinical trials.

Dr. Rubin holds a B.Sc. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University's Sackler School of Medicine. Dr. Rubin did his post-doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, Department of Radiology, has a number of patents on his name, and is widely published.

Yosef Tsaliah
Yosef Tsaliah founded and was director at Remon Medical, which develops chip implants that transmit and receive signals wirelessly, for tissue and organ stimulation and intra-body measurements. Remon was recently acquired by Boston Scientific. Since 1979, Mr. Tsaliah has worked for RAFAEL (Israel’s Armament Development Authority) where he has served as scientist/engineer/entrepreneur in various fields: physics, aeronautics, ballistics, and acoustics. Mr. Tsaliah has also served as a scientific consultant/screener for technology incubators and start-up companies.

Mr. Tsaliah holds a B.Sc. in math-physics and a M.Sc. in nuclear physics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He also studied aeronautics at the Technion.

Johnathan Adereth
Mr. Adereth spent most of his career at Elscint Ltd., the first Israeli company to go public on Nasdaq (1974) and the first Israeli company to trade on the NYSE (1982). At that time Elscint was the flagship of the high-tech industry in Israel and the largest medical technology company in the country. Mr. Adereth served as president and CEO of Elscint between 1994 and 1998.

Mr. Adereth joined Elscint in 1972 and made his way up in the Nuclear Medicine Product Division from an R&D manager to deputy general manager. From 1980-1985 Mr. Adereth held a few executive positions in Elscint’s overseas operations.

In 1986 Mr. Adereth was appointed as corporate vice president sales, finally becoming president and CEO of the company in 1994. During his tenure as president, Elscint reached annual turn-over exceeding $300 million.

In 1998 Mr. Adereth retired from the company and began providing strategic, business development and marketing consulting services in the field of medical technology. Over the years Mr. Adereth provided consulting services to many Israeli companies in the health care arena as well as to VC funds and investment companies. Mr. Adereth was also involved in forming alliances between Israeli and international companies and participated in raising funds for some companies.

Mr. Adereth serves as an active chairman at Mazor Surgical Technologies Ltd. a public company, and chairman of Barnev Inc., a company specializing in computerized labor monitoring. Mr. Adereth also serves as a board member of UltraSPECT Ltd. a company specializing in molecular imaging.

Mr. Adereth holds a B.Sc. degree in physics from the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology.

Dr. Eyal S. Ron, Ph.D.
has over 20 years of experience in the development of drugs, biomaterials and drug delivery systems. He has a record of accomplishments for the creation of effective infrastructure for growth. Dr. Ron is effective in combining science with innovative business strategies, having developed and implemented the scientific, regulatory and clinical strategy for several companies. He has in-depth understanding of total development process including project management, clinical trials, regulatory, formulation, drug delivery, QC and manufacturing scale-up. He has contributed to the formation of Cerebrotec, eNOS Pharmaceuticals, Focal, GelMed/Gel Sciences and InfiMed. Additionally, Dr. Ron is actively involved in a variety of projects directed at slow release and controlled release of proteins and other drugs from polymeric systems. Dr. Ron is the author of over 100 papers, book chapters and abstracts. He is also the inventor of over 30 patents principally in the area of drug formulations, drug delivery, tissue engineering and biomaterials. Dr. Ron holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Brandeis and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at MIT. Currently he is an Adjunct Faculty at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health and Sciences and Technology.

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