An innovative film-based polymeric system, for improved delivery
of drugs and nutraceutical

PharMedica is one of the world’s most innovative developers of polymeric based delivery platform enabling controlled and sustained release of drugs, nutraceuticals and food additives.

The technology platform is made of unique and proprietary polymeric matrix, tailored to deliver multiple active substances accurately in both intra-oral and transmembrane directly to the blood circulation.

Easy to use



Open the pouch

The active film is protected between special thin layers pouch



Place the stamp

Place in the mouth by pressing to cheek or upper palate for 5 seconds




Patch dissolves and active ingredients perform therapeutic activity

The ODF is completely dissolved once the Bio-active ingredients are released.


A unique matrix enabling controlled, sustained release

Proprietary matrix of multi-layered polymers and other GRAS materials – Generally Regarded As Safe, customized for different indications for maximum bioavailability and maximal efficiency.

Rate of release can be timed for various release profiles.


Pharmedica has several granted and applied patents for our polymeric delivery platform and products, including:

  • New oral dissolving films for insulin administration, for treating diabetes.
  • Dual and single layer dosage forms.
  • Adhesive Oral dissolved Films in Managing Oral Care
  • Slow Release ODF development and Production

US 10,130,684 B2

New oral dissolving films for insulin administration, for treating diabetes. Issued USA patent on
November 20, 2018.

WO 2010/135053 A2

Dual and single layer dosage forms. Issued USA patent on
April 28, 2015.

PCT/IL 2017/050845

Adhesive Oral dissolved Films in Managing Oral Care.
PCT on 31 July 2017.


Slow Release ODF development and Production. US Provisional Patent
20 April 2020.

Contact us to learn more about our protected patents



Dry Mouth

(Commercial ready)

Fresh Breath

(Commercial ready)


Salivation Control

(In Process)


Food supplement

(In Process)

PharMedica’s ODF Advantages

PharMedica’s polymeric delivery platform offers numerous advantages for both patient and caregiver:

  • Rapid onset with slow and sustained release
  • Bio-adhesion
  • Fully dissolvable
  • Improved efficiency and enhanced stability
  • Flexible, manageable and thin
  • Needle-free transmembrane delivery


Rich pipeline with licensing agreements in place


One of Israel’s largest consumer
distribution companies


Private Equity
Investing Company

Ontario inc.

A Large Chain of Dental Clinics
in North America

Maiki Yoeli​


Over 30 years of executive level management of Israeli high-tech companies. Vast experience managing companies operating globally both in the medical device arena, as well as in numerous other industries.

Dr. Yoram-Rubin

Yoram Rubin, PhD.

Director of R&D, Founder and Chairman

23 years as an entrepreneur and founder of medical and biotech companies. Physiology and pharmacology researcher. Decades of R&D management experience.

Odeya Tairy, PhD.

R&D Manager

Expert in chemistry of polymers and soft matter. Highly experienced in development of synthetic routes, synthesis characterization of organic precursors.


Best in Class Experts and
Leading Laboratories & Manufacturers

Pharmedica’s team comprises experts in Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Formulations and QA.

We work with leading laboratories and testing facilities and with best manufacturers.


PharMedica, being a Wellness-Tech Venture, has developed a generic biodegradable adhesive film for oral use. This product can be designed for the slow release of a large variety of materials and it is potentially applicable in many different fields.

We offer potential investors and partners a company with disruptive yet proven technology, experienced management, a pipeline of products at various stages of market readiness, collaborative links with leading global corporations, and a clear view and plan of market penetration and expansion.

To potential partners operating in the Global Wellness market, we offer collaborative work in developing new and complementary products to their portfolio, based on our patented technology and profound knowledge, while we see these potential partners as the front-end to, and the conquerors of, global markets.

We Welcome:

  • Partners for distribution of our market-ready products
  • Partners for development of additional products, based on our proprietary technology platform
  • Potential investors

Contact Us

Pharmedica welcomes your comments, questions and inquiries.

PharMedica LTD.

P. O. Box 15060
Matam, Haifa 31905


We partner with pharmaceutical manufacturer, developer or investor.
Please connect with us through your preferred method to begin a conversation with us on how we can tackle challenges together.

PharMedica LTD.


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Updated May, 2021.

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