New HPLC  Analysis Services

Our facility is now equipped with a HPLC system, ready at your service. 

Pharmedica is well known for its fast response, personal service, quality and accurate documentation, troubleshooting ability and problem-solving approach.

When choosing to work with Pharmedica, you will enjoy our go-to-market comfortable prices, while relying on a stable company (working since 2008).

Pharmedica’s team is composed of experts in chemistry, biomedical-engineering, formulation and QA.


Up till now, Pharmedica’s main focus was medical device development. Most of the work had been done in the field of Orally Dissolving Film (ODF) research and development, as a platform for controlled and sustained release of various active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
Lately the company has expanded and developed, and as part of our growth we now introduce a new service – HPLC analysis.


Pharmedica’s R&D laboratory is ISO 13485-2016 certified to: design, development, production and distribution of active material delivery for oral care and skin disorders.


Our lab operates according to strict quality standards.
As part of the routine work, we implement mechanisms of documentation, correction, and constant improvement.

Our HPLC analysis services have entered a well-oiled system, and although excluded from the ISO certification, it is treated according to the lab’s routine operation of work.

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Pharmedica welcomes your comments, questions and inquiries.

PharMedica LTD.

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Matam, Haifa 31905


We partner with pharmaceutical manufacturer, developer or investor.
Please connect with us through your preferred method to begin a conversation with us on how we can tackle challenges together.

PharMedica LTD.

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