Orally dissolving films
for dry mouth treatment

1 in every 5 people is likely to suffer from dry mouth

Xerostomia and Hyposalivation are two phenomena associated with dry mouth, or the hypofunction of the salivary glands.

They pose a major global problem, affecting approximately 20 percent of the general population, with significantly higher rates in specific populations (e.g., patients who undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer).


Dry Mouth Seriously Affects Quality of Life

Dry mouth is a common side effect to many medications and medical procedures, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer treatment. It may negatively affect quality of life, and may cause oral health problems such as halitosis, impaired chewing and swallowing, and difficulties in prosthesis retention.

There is evidence that lower salivary flow increases the risk of dental caries due to an absence of the physical cleaning action and buffering capacity of saliva. This increasing risk can occur at any age.

PharMedica’s Innovative Orally Dissolved Films (ODF) Technology

PharMedica’s innovative orally dissolved films (ODF) technology is a substantial differentiator for generic drugs and other bioactive substances, enabling improved delivery of drugs and nutraceuticals.

iCling™ Advanced Product for Dry Mouth Treatment

iClingTM is PharMedica’s unique and proprietary ODF for treating dry mouth disorder.

iClingTM is based on PharMedica’s adhesive polymeric delivery platform, and on the unique and propriety active saliva-producing substance.

The platform make-up is based on polymers and other excipients, which are all generally regarded as safe (GRAS), while the active substance is made of natural extracts, which regulatorily can be viewed as food additives.

Easy as 1-2-3

the pouch

Place the patch

Place the patch inside the mouth, pressing it to the cheek for 5 seconds.


The patch dissolves and the active ingredients start the therapeutic action

iClingTM is completely dissolved once the active substance is released.

Proven Effectiveness

iClingTM was designed for a controlled and sustained release of the active substance over two hours, markedly helping to alleviate the dry mouth symptoms. The product was tested on a focus group of patients and presented a long-lasting effect with high ease of use. 

PharMedica’s iClingTM for dry mouth treatment has the potential to become the treatment of choice for dry mouth.

Strong Intellectual Property

PharMedica’s ODF technology and iClingTM are protected by several patents. The product has applied for FDA clearance and is in process of certifications in several other jurisdictions.

About PharMedica

About PharMedica
PharMedica is a biopharmaceutical company that develops polymeric film-based delivery platforms, enabling controlled and sustained release of drugs, nutraceuticals, and food additives.
The delivery platform is made of a unique and proprietary polymeric matrix, tailored to deliver multiple active substances, in sustained and controlled manner, directly to the needed body parts, using an intraoral transmembrane delivery system. This innovative technology improves the bioavailability and effectiveness of therapeutic active substances.

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